New waste site to help promote tourism

A special 'Dump Point' for people to empty their toilets from recreation vehicles (RV) and caravans has been set up by Coffs Harbour City Council to help promote it an 'RV friendly town™'.

Coffs Harbour Mayor Keith Rhoades said the caravan and RV tourism market is huge in Australia and this is a great way of bringing more people into the city,

"By providing this Dump Point we can make sure that people with RVs and caravans have an appropriate facility where they can discharge their waste free of charge and it will also encourage them to stay longer and have a look around the region," he said.

The new Dump Point was made possible by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia and motorhome renters KEA Campers Dump Point Subsidy Scheme, part of the 'RV Friendly Town™ scheme.

The Dump Point Subsidy Scheme provided the Dump Ezy unit to Council at no cost.

Council staff carried out the required water and sewer connections, as well as erecting the signs.

The Dump Point is designed to be identifiable, attractive and user friendly with simple instructions to follow for travellers. Its location will be listed on the CMCA website.

CCTV cameras are also being installed at the site to prevent illegal dumping and the waste flows will be monitored automatically to detect any abnormal activity.