Vitreous Enamel Signs, Local Governments first choice for signage solutions*

Sometimes the old fashioned methods are still the best.

This is definitely the case with vitreous enamelled signs.

Many early enamel advertising signs manufactured up to 100 years ago still show the same lustre and colour as the day they were made.

As a result of the extreme nature of the enamelling process, where the signs are subject to temperatures of up to 800 degree centigrade, these signs are far superior to any other option.

This high temperature baking makes vitreous enamel almost vandal proof.

It is near impossible to scratch and graffiti can be easily removed with solvent on a rag without any damage to the surface.

Vitreous enamel also has the hardness of glass and the strength of steel, making it the ideal choice for councils.

Based in Moolap Geelong, Glassmetal Industries are proud to have been manufacturing the finest vitreous enamel products for over 100 years.

As well as producing industrial signage and architectural panelling, a key element of Glassmetal Industries business is to produce high value signs such as town entry and way-finding signs which are used by Local Governments throughout Australia.

These signs generally consist of text, detailed mapping and photographic images.

Vitreous enamel has a proven life span of at least four times any other sign type, which is ideal for Local Governments as a cost effective long term solution.

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*Copy supplied by Glassmetal Industries.