Career development with local focus, national reach*

Working in the local government sector requires specialist knowledge that needs continuous updating.

The constantly evolving operating environment and challenges in different organisations mean there are a multitude of training requirements across the sector, calling for innovative training programs and modes of delivery.

Providing accredited professional development and academic courses, the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG) applies its extensive knowledge of local government and public policy through tailored short courses and postgraduate degrees.

Recent short courses including: Workforce Planning (Western Australian, Tasmania); Service Delivery (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria); Empowering Women in Local Government; Social Planning and Community Development; Creativity Workshops and Urban Renewal Team-Building (New South Wales), have allowed the research and consultancy experience of UTS:CLG staff to be applied to benefit local government across the nation.

UTS:CLG can work with you to adapt the wide range of professional development  courses and academic qualifications in public policy, management, leadership, evaluation and built environment, and create an accredited professional development program that meets the needs of your organisation.

From service delivery, strategic planning, social planning, community development and community engagement to the principles and practice of local government and public policy, UTS:CLG can design and deliver training that builds staff capacity to appreciate the complexity of local government and how to meet the needs of local communities.

*Copy supplied by University of Technology Sydney