New online system for suppliers

Mid-Western Regional Council in New South Wales has launched a new online procurement process, hoping to increase engagement with local businesses.

The new system is being introduced as another measure to guarantee efficiency and probity for Council transactions.

Additionally, the system will encourage competition and provide opportunities for a range of local suppliers.

General Manager Brad Cam said supporting local business is a priority for Council.

“In the last financial year, Council spent approximately $13.5 million on materials and contracts. While making sure every dollar is spent responsibly, Council is also keen to spend locally.

“There are more than 1100 businesses in our region who employ local people. By supporting local businesses we’re also looking after local families. The changes to our supplier and vendor management will make it easier for local businesses to benefit from working with Council.”

In April, Council held a series of workshops providing information about the new procurement processes and showing local businesses how to register with the online system.

“These workshops have been designed for new suppliers to learn how to do business with Council, but it’s just as important for existing suppliers to come along so that they can make sure they understand changes to the process and can remain on the list of approved suppliers,” said Mr Cam.