How to move a library

The Armidale War Memorial Library moved premises recently, which involved relocating 84,000 items.

The challenges of moving house may seem a little less daunting when compared to the massive exercise of relocating a library.

According to Armidale War Memorial Library Manager Ian Greenhalgh, library staff members carefully planned the huge logistical exercise of moving the Armidale War Memorial Library to its new premises.

“The move is coming up very quickly and we have all been working hard to prepare for the relocation,” he said, speaking before the move.

“This process has demanded careful planning by staff and involves physically packing many crates with the contents of offices, store rooms and staff facilities. During this process the library has remained open and all services have continued as usual.”

To move the 84,000 items in the library collection, Armidale Regional Council has contracted specialist library removalists.

“There are a small number of companies in Australia who specialise in moving large library collections,” Mr Greenhalgh said.

“The demands of a move like this are large. The engaged company has the specialist skills, strategies and equipment to ensure that the collection is relocated efficiently without compromising the condition of individual items.

“We look forward to seeing all of the books and other items in the library’s collection back on the shelves in catalogue order, and in appropriate climatically controlled conditions – and we will all be back on deck and ready to introduce the community to our new space!”