Mining heritage on display

The Regional Council of Goyder in South Australia has upgraded a historic display to preserve the region’s mining heritage.

A new enclosure has been constructed around a 165-year-old Jinker at the Burra Cultural and Heritage precinct.

The wooden and iron mine cart is the first moveable object to be entered into the South Australian Heritage Register and is one of the many reminders of the copper mining history of the region.

The Regional Council of Goyder received a $100,000 grant through the Local Government Stimulus Program to construct an enclosure for the Burra Jinker.

Minister for Local Government, Geoff Brock, officially opened the enclosure on 5 April.

Minister Brock commended the initiative of the Regional Council of Goyder and locals in their efforts to preserve and highlight the region’s heritage.

“The Jinker is considered to be significant not only for its connection to the Burra Mine, but also for what it can tell us about the evolution of early transport in South Australia, and the remarkable carting achievements of early South Australian Settlers.

“The new enclosure will ensure this important historical treasure will remain protected and available for locals and tourists to visit in the years to come.”

Regional Council of Goyder Mayor Peter Mattey said, “We are grateful to the State Government for the assistance towards preserving a significant part of the State’s heritage”.