Online tool helps recovery*

ABR Explorer can assist you with your Cyclone Debbie disaster recovery efforts.

ABR Explorer is a free online reporting and analytical tool. When natural disasters occur, the Australian Business Register (ABR) gives eligible government agencies easy access to valuable information about businesses in disaster- affected areas.

Data from ABR Explorer was used after weekend storms in December 2016 by the Office of Economic Development at Ipswich City Council. The council were able to email businesses in their local government area (LGA) to make them aware of the assistance which was available to them during the recovery period.  

ABR Explorer has a specifically designed disaster dashboard. You can use this facility throughout all phases of disaster management including planning, preparation, response and recovery. The dashboard also allows you to identify businesses that are important for the provision of services in an emergency, such as accommodation providers, hazardous industries and
vulnerable facilities.

ABR business information is available through ABR Explorer and provides:

  • functionality to filter, search and query by location and industry type
  • access to the contact details of businesses you are interested in
  • existing pre-defined queries for LGA’s or the option to create your own queries using charts, tables, reports and crosstabs
  • functionality to export in various formats
  • access to geocoded data linked to
  • to display business locations on a map. This gives you an in-depth analysis of the affected businesses in your area and the data is refreshed weekly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

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ABR Explorer is free – make it work for you.
*Copy supplied by Australian Taxation Office