Derwent Valley splashes out

Article image - Derwent Valley splashes out Taking part in the obstacle course.

Derwent Valley Council in Tasmania is gearing up to host an exciting water play event that is set to attract thousands of people.

The sounds of leather on willow at holiday cricket matches will be overtaken by the sounds of water play in 2018, as the Derwent Valley Council hosts Obstasplash – a two-day event in February at picturesque Tynwald Park.

Obstasplash is an inflatable obstacle course/fun run that spans a four-kilometre area of flat grassland.

Its participation age group is all people over 13 years of age.
The warm and sheltered place by the Derwent River, which is offered by Tynwald Park in New Norfolk makes it the perfect site for this national activity, which the organisers believe is the first event of its kind to be held in Tasmania.

Derwent Valley Council has agreed to host and support the event, which will utilise local service providers and encourage participation from both locals and people from around the state.

Derwent Valley Council will host and support the Obstasplash event for the weekend of 24 and 25 February 2018, with organisers expecting up to 5000 people, based on pre-event registration figures.

A number of volunteering opportunities exist for young community members, who’ll receive free refreshments during the day, plus a volunteering certificate and letter of reference post-event and perhaps a few extra opportunities to enjoy a run on the course.