New year new structure

Article image - New year new structure Staff get involved in designing the new structure.

The Town of Victoria Park in Western Australia is set to hit the ground running in the new year with the final stages of a new organisational structure almost completed.

Known as the Reshuffle project, the focus was on removing blockages, improving career progression and figuring out the best way to use resources without cutting staff numbers.

It built on strategic planning already undertaken and considered the community’s expectations and future needs, with the mission of setting itself up to service them like never before – to become Perth’s most empowered and engaged community.

Town of Victoria Park Chief Executive Officer Anthony Vuleta said he wanted to take a different approach to the way restructures are usually done.

“We’re not a fan of being traditional here at the Town,” Mr Vuleta said.

“We knew that involving our staff every step of the way was key to the success of designing a structure that would support us to deliver and grow.”

Staff members were heavily involved in designing the new structure. A cross-functional project team determined the process, and effort was put in to educating staff about different types of structures, what needed to be considered when setting up the new one and how to deal with change.

The final structure evolved from 24 staff submissions, which were then prioritised based on staff feedback.

The final decision to move to a flatter, hybrid matrix structure that focused on cross-functional service delivery, was made by the Chief Executive Officer and a reference group made up of employees.

After a process that has spanned over 12 months, the Town of Victoria Park will excitedly reach the final switch over from old to new on 15 January 2018.

The organisation’s structure will be regularly reviewed to ensure it is still reaching its objectives and delivering the best possible service for the community.