Water sensitive urban design

Article image - Water sensitive  urban design Northern Midlands Mayor David Downie, Cr Janet Lambert (NMC), Cameron Oakley (Hydronamica), Jesse Webster (NRM North), Leon Lange (Lange Design) and Federal Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell MP.

Northern Midlands Council in Tasmania has celebrated the completion of the Sheepwash Creek Water Sensitive Urban Design Project.

Council is dedicated to improving sustainability and providing new and improved infrastructure to benefit the community.

The concept of the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) project was adapted by Council as a new approach to the management of stormwater and the ongoing issues that surround it.

The WSUD project diverts stormwater through a sediment basin to capture sediment or soil, which then flows through a vegetated wetland to remove nutrients and other pollutants like hydrocarbons and heavy metals, enabling treated stormwater to return to Sheepwash Creek.

Council has received positive feedback regarding the successful implementation of the Edward Street Wetland as part of the Sheepwash Creek open space redevelopment.

Northern Midlands Mayor David Downie has also commended the project and is delighted to see the Northern Midlands Council once again “leading the way with projects such as this to enable a sustainable future for our communities”.