Where will the rubbish go

Article image - Where will the rubbish go Its recycle as usual at Mount Alexander Shire

Victorian Councils are advising residents to recycle as usual but try to produce less waste.

When China decided last July to stop importing recycled rubbish, Australian councils were put on notice. Things came to a head when local company Visy told waste disposal companies it would not accept recyclable waste from early February.

After years of using both carrot and stick to change residents’ waste disposal habits councils must now be wondering where they are going to put the mountains of curb side recyclables they collect each year.

Mount Alexander Shire Council issued a notice this afternoon that Council is working with the contractor Wheelie Waste to better understand the implications of the decision by Visy Recycling to suspend some recycling agreements. Residents are encouraged to continue to recycle and reduce the amount of rubbish they produce.

Horsham Rural City Council has advised residents that pressures impacting the recycling industry will not affect their current recycling operations. Collection services remain unchanged for the time being and residents are asked to continue recycling as usual.

Mayor Pam Clarke said that Council is working with the Victorian State Government and industry as a matter of urgency to respond to issues posed by the China recycling restrictions to ensure this matter does not impact residents.

The mayor reminded residents that one of the most important ways to keep resources out of landfill is to buy recycled products.

“Choosing Australian-made recycled office paper and 100 per cent recycled toilet tissue are easy options for any household or workplace. Purchasing recycled products helps close the recycling loop,” she said.

Moira Shire Council General Manager Community, Sally Rice said Council was working closely with its contractors and the state government to keep up to date on this matter.

“These current pressures are due to changes to the global recycling market, particularly China imposing tighter restrictions on the quality of recyclable materials,” she said.

“These changes are not unique to Victoria and are impacting recycling worldwide.

“This, combined with an increased focus on stockpiling practices at recycling processing sites, has created unique pressures on the industry.

Hepburn Shire Council CEO, Aaron van Egmond said, “We are working with the Victorian Government and industry as a matter of urgency to respond to the issues posed by the China restrictions on recycling, and ensure this matter will not impact our residents.”