Embedding values in the workplace

Article image - Embedding values in the workplace City of Perth staff take part in a values workshop at the Citiplace Child Care Centre.

Following on from the launch of the City of Perth Corporate Values – Teamwork, Commitment, Courage and Respect, the City’s Human Resources team organised wellbeing workshops to embed these values.

Entitled Embedding Values in the Workplace, more than 200 staff attended 12 workshops run across one week, a new record for a corporate learning event at the City.

The workshops explored the tools needed for managing internal and external change, as well as facing challenging and increasing demands, distractions, pressures and expectations.

The highly interactive and practical sessions helped provide participants with the keys to evaluate adaption to change, mood, mindset, resiliency and performance.

During these sessions, staff explored a vision for a desired future based on the new corporate values and worked to embed more commitment, courage, team work and respect into their lives at work and every day.

More importantly, the sessions helped employees realise their role in creating a positive team culture and being aligned with their own personal values, attitude and behaviours.

Further staff development has been offered at the City of Perth during the year including First Aid for Mental Health, Cultural Awareness Training and Auslan Workshops.