Every drop counts

Article image - Every drop counts Rival teams battle to be the best.

Rockhampton Regional Council is on track to reach their 2018 target of saving 1000 lives in the Red 25 Blood Donation Challenge.

Last year Council partnered with Red Cross Australia to engage their staff, encouraging them to regularly donate and achieved 288 donations, saving 864 lives.

This year they are driving home the message to staff, through all of their internal communications channels and the results are showing.
With approximately 900 employees, this regional council is currently placed 7th in the Nationwide ‘Red 25’ Council’s Challenge and are sitting well above some of their larger, cosmopolitan counterparts.

Human Resource Coordinator, Lawrie Whouley, says it is great to see the staff getting on board, to support such an important cause.

“As long as they have approval from their supervisors, we encourage our staff to donate as regularly as they can and many of them, who had never donated before, now understand how important it is and have become regular donors.”

On the Rockhampton ‘Red 25’ Leader Board Council sits in second place behind ‘Team Brendan’, a group of devoted donors, led by wife of blood and bone marrow recipient, Brendan Hodda.

The two teams have pledged a friendly rivalry, to battle it out for top spot, in the local challenge.

Red Cross Community Relations Officer for Central Queensland, Barry Lynch, said, “It has been great to see the rise in the number of donations from Council, we are excited to see if they can surpass their goal of saving 1000 lives.

“I look forward to seeing the rivalry between Council and Team Brendan, play out over the rest of the year.”