Changes to Portable Signage Policy

Article image - Changes to Portable Signage Policy Busseltonís portable signs policy has been updated.

City of Busselton, Western Australia, has endorsed a change to its Portable Advertising Signs in Public Places Policy which will make the policy more workable for local businesses and City administrators.

The Portable Signage Policy aims to protect the visual amenity of the City and was implemented in response to a proliferation of portable signs across town centres that were also posing a potential safety hazard. 

The intention was to provide clear direction to local business regarding the display of portable signs.

The change relates specifically to the requirement for businesses to provide evidence of current liability insurance to the value of $10 million and which indemnifies the City against any claims for damage arising from the sign on the public land.

Mayor, Grant Henley, said the current policy has proven to be unworkable.

“Feedback received since the policy was introduced nearly 12 months ago indicates quite clearly that requirements around insurance are just too difficult.

“While applicants for the portable signage permit were able to provide current insurance liability certificates, not all were able to secure $10 million coverage and none of the applicants could indemnify the City.

“Recognising that businesses are unlikely to be able to obtain public liability which indemnifies the City and that in reality the associated risks to the City are generally very low, Council has supported a change in the policy whereby the owner of a portable advertising sign will now be required to provide evidence of current broad form public liability insurance to the minimum value of $2 million only.”