Climbing trees boosts tourism

Article image - Climbing trees boosts tourism Davidson Reserve Kapunda has what it takes to host an international tree climbing competition.

Tree climbers and arborists are to be challenged by the large trees growing in Davidson Reserve, Kapunda at the 2019 ‘Red Bull Branched Out’ event 17-19 October.  

An international freestyle tree climbing competition for tree climbers and arborists, Kapunda in Light Region, South Australia was selected due to the type of trees, the town and its community and services and that it is just over an hour north of Adelaide. 

Each climber starts at the top of the tree and descends through the canopy hitting targets which are set to make the climber move from one side of the tree canopy to the other resulting in large swings and limb walks. There will also be a stand alone event at night where climbers will compete under lights to ascend and climb head to head up to 25m.

The ‘Red Bull Branched Out’ event is the largest tree climbing event in the world and will attract international competitors with 13 countries participating in New South Wales in 2018.

Along with the freestyle competition and single rope ascent events, interactive activities are planned to engage children to learn about trees and the core skills used by professional tree climbers.

Light Regional Council Mayor, Bill O’Brien, commented that: ‘Red Bull Branched Out’ is a unique, family friendly, world class event attracting competitors from around Australia and internationally. 

“Previous ‘Red Bull Branched Out’ events held in other parts of Australia have attracted considerable media attention and strong community support. 

“The event promises to attract many spectators to Kapunda over the two main competition days and apart from community wellbeing, will provide a welcome boost to the local economy and important education about the care and value of trees to our environment.”