Community safety upgrades

Article image - Community safety upgrades Mayor Redman with representatives from the Willaston Netball Club, Willaston Football Club and the Gawler BMX Club celebrate a safer community.

Town of Gawler, South Australia, has received $200,000 from the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund to support the extension of its CCTV system and the installation of improved lighting along pedestrian pathways at various parks and reserves and within carparks at sporting precincts and community facilities.

Mayor, Karen Redman, said, “Strong communities are underpinned by safe environments and a key objective of the Gawler Community Plan is to create a safe community environment. 

“There has been considerable growth in the use of CCTV in public spaces as a crime prevention measure as it promotes public safety. 

“People become less fearful of crime occurring in areas that have CCTV and the use of these public spaces increases as a result.”

Council has audited its security infrastructure in Gawler’s public spaces and, in consultation with South Australian Police, has prioritised locations which are hotspots for crime and anti-social behavior to be addressed by the CCTV extension. 

Council has also engaged with local sporting and community organisations to understand their requirements for improved lighting, specifically around carparking at their respective facilities.

“This funding from the Australian Government provides Council with the ability to increase its security infrastructure and improve visibility in key areas that will significantly contribute to enhancing community safety. 

“It will also encourage greater participation in community events and activities, active lifestyles and community connection to Gawler’s riverine environments, parks and reserves. 

“It will enhance the safe, secure, vital and attractive places that residents have to meet, celebrate, reflect, shop, play and socialise.”