Connect kids with causes

Article image - Connect kids with causes COLBIE is a fun way to engage children in Council planning.

The City of Logan, Queensland, has gone high tech to bring people together. 

COLBIE (City of Logan Bot for Innovative Engagement) is part of Logan City Council’s Listen 2 Connect initiative that is pushing for more meaningful engagement with children, youth and young adults on the issues that matter to them. 

COLBIE encourages children and their parents to become more involved in community consultation and engagement.

Logan City Council is one of the first local governments in Australia to use this kind of robotic technology to engage children and youth in Council decision-making. 

City Image and Innovation Committee Chairperson, Councillor Laurie Smith, said Council is committed to increasing community involvement in its decision making process.  

“Things that affect adults, such as the development of parks, sporting facilities and libraries affect children’s quality of life too and that’s why we need to seek out and consider the perspectives of even the youngest in our community. 

“Council recognises the need to offer a diverse range of tools to continue to spark interest and increase community involvement levels in our projects and services.”

COLBIE is a resource in Council’s Community Engagement Program and will be used across the business to enhance engagement with its interactive programming capabilities.