Driving a new car share pilot

Council will consult closely with local residents about the installation of the car share spaces, with the aim to provide up to 20 additional spaces close to light rail stations.

Mayor, Darcy Byrne, who proposed the partnership at Council, said that GoGet were keen to integrate car share and public transport along the light rail line.

“With tens of thousands of car share members across the Inner West it makes sense to integrate car share with our light rail line.

“It is great to see a company like GoGet, which was established in Newtown 15 years ago, wanting to pioneer a new connection with light rail in our backyard.

“The additional car share spaces at light rail stations can allow residents and visitors to travel the bulk of their journey by public transport, and then transfer to car share for the ‘last-mile’ of their trip.”

Any spaces approved for the pilot would be allocated as a general ‘car share’ space allowing Council to operate a competitive car share environment.

“This pilot could be used not only to improve transport options for our residents and visitors, but also to prove the viability of such integration across the city and potentially all of Australia.”