Dune rehabilitation in progress

Article image - Dune rehabilitation  in progress Sand fences trap sand and rebuild the beach.

Carlton Beach, Tasmania, is one of the Sorell Municipality’s most popular and picturesque spots. 

Unfortunately, foot traffic and strong winds off the water had combined to erode the fragile sand dunes.

Works Programmer Stormwater, Parks and Reserves, Paul Gray, said when people walk through the sand dunes they damage and destroy the vegetation, which then assists the wind to erode the dunes. 

“Erosion was beginning to significantly affect the sand dunes as well as the integrity of the car park. 

“Huge amounts of sand were being deposited into the Surf Club area which was negatively impacting on their activities.” 

“In an effort to rehabilitate the area we erected sand fences to protect the dunes from wind and to catch and hold the sand. 

“A jute mesh was installed on the dunes and revegetation works were also carried out.”

The majority of coastal land in the area is Crown Land, however, Council leased a section at Carlton Beach so rehabilitation works could be carried out. 

Mayor, Kerry Vincent, said beaches are an integral part of the Sorell community. “Our beautiful Southern Beaches are a very valued part of our municipality. 

“Our beach accesses need to be sensibly managed in order to minimise erosion and damage to the environment whilst also allowing clear and safe access to our beaches.”

The sand fences have been in for just over twelve months and the results so far are promising. 

Gray said, “The vegetation that was planted has started growing and we haven’t had to remove sand from the Surf Club area or car park since the fences were installed.

“It’s great to see the sand fences are doing what they were intended to do. Council will continue to monitor the results of these rehabilitation works.”