How to Stretch your unsealed road budget further*

Unsealed road budgets are being stretched to the max. 

Ratepayers are becoming more discerning and are setting the satisfaction bar higher. 

Rising material costs and carting distances coupled with increased regulatory changes are eating up budgets. 

Residents simply do not see this!

Increases in funding have helped and will go further towards meeting road maintenance requirements within budgetary restrictions. 

However, increasing the road performance and extending the longevity of intervention means less maintenance grading and reduced materials imported

Gains in these two items enable you to really stretch your rate dollars further, meaning a greater slice of your road network gets maintained. 

This will ensure ratepayers know they are getting the best bang for their buck, as well as receiving service levels that  reduce complaints

Less dust and greater overall satisfaction as seen by a reduction in resident’s complaints, are the end game, with all parties feeling empowered, and giving councils the knowledge it has a firm grasp on this ever increasing task of road budget value for money.

Over the last 16 years we have used our products to assist and improve unsealed roads all over Australia with many and varied material types used on rural and suburban roads, utilising natural materials and re-cycling or re-using materials lost to table drains; or combining natural materials on site and treating the road to provide a longer lasting harder, more water and traffic resistant running surface that requires on average four to six times less work be done in any given year. 

This reduction is what really provides satisfaction – knowing that you have a road that will provide best performance for your dollar. 

Proven over time to provide a win-win situation for local government and ratepayers alike. 

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*Copy supplied by Earthco