Innovative infringement app launches in Geraldton*

The City of Greater Geraldton, Western Australia, approached IT Vision with a business challenge regarding ongoing faults with their existing mobile infringement devices. 

These devices were used for issuing parking, dog, car and various infringement notices. 

The existing devices were reaching end of life and they wanted to replace them with a mobile application built using the Altus platform.

Using a Rapid Application Development approach IT Vision developed an iOS/Android compatible mobile app in the Altus platform to solve the immediate core issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

Active involvement by the City of Greater Geraldton in each step of the development process helped to efficiently capture the requirements of the product to ensure the solution was fit for purpose. 

Over time IT Vision released a number of versions of the product for review and acceptance by users at Geraldton to ensure the product was meeting specific requirements.

Using the newly developed Altus Infringement Application, the City’s Rangers are now able to retrieve relevant information in the field and issue an infringement/caution relating to vehicles, people and animals remotely.

The Altus Infringement App also resulted in a significant reduction of administrative effort, as the new solution synchronises the infringement back into SynergySoft with no manual admin effort required.

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*Copy supplied by IT Vision