Lake Ranfurly fenced for protection

Article image - Lake Ranfurly fenced for protection Lake Ranfurly protected from environmental damage ensuring it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Lake Ranfurly, situated close to the city of Mildura, Victoria, is home to a host of threatened native plants and animals, as well as a popular location for walking, bike riding and bird watching.

The lake has been subject to littering, cutting of fences, illegal dumping and off-road driving, all of which have threatened the future of the area.

In a bid to protect the lake, Mildura Rural City Council will install gates and bollards and a gate on nearby roads in an attempt to protect the lake from misuse.

Environment and Farming Sustainability Councillor, Anthony Cirillo, said the works were largely designed to prevent people entering the area with vehicles.

“By preventing vehicle access into the Lake Ranfurly area, it will deter people from driving in and illegally dumping rubbish, as well as stop off-road driving and motorcycle riding around the lake, which has created numerous informal vehicle tracks.”

He said Sunraysia was fortunate to have such a valuable asset so close to the city centre.

“Lake Ranfurly is easily accessible to the community and supports a very diverse range of water birds.

“The walking trail around the lake offers locals and visitors the opportunity to appreciate the natural environment with minimal impact on the surrounding area, all in a safe atmosphere.”