Sustainable stormwater success

Article image - Sustainable stormwater success Stormwater is harvested for irrigating sports fields in Cambridge.

Clarence City Council, Tasmania, has recently completed a significant stormwater harvesting and re-use project in Cambridge. 

The project involves the collection of stormwater runoff from the nearby residential catchment, which is then treated and re-used for the irrigation of adjacent sports grounds. 

The stormwater harvesting and re-use system allows Council to sustainably manage a resource which would otherwise discharge into local waterways, and reduces their reliance on potable water while the overall quality of water discharging into the local waterways is also significantly improved. 

The Cambridge site was identified as ideal for the project due to the location of a disused sewerage lagoon onsite which could be readily converted to a large in-ground storage facility for holding the treated stormwater. 

The next stage of the project was the construction of a gravity stormwater collection system connecting to the residential reticulated stormwater system already in place, and a pump/treatment station to extract water and pump it through treatment filters and UV disinfection.   

The treated stormwater is then blended or ‘shandied’ with potable water as it joins the existing sports ground irrigation system. 

Mayor, Doug Chipman, said, “Clarence City Council prides itself on embracing opportunities to promote sustainable water management practices and will continue to seek future opportunities
for similar projects.”