Weed wrestling

Article image - Weed wrestling Weeds Officers James Elliott and Tim Last prepare to undertake noxious weed spraying across the region.

Weed management is an integral part of sustainable agriculture, sound environmental management and the maintenance of biosecurity that underpins rural industries.

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council, New South Wales, undertakes a strict weed management regime, to ensure the region is protected from the negative impact of weeds and thereby strengthening the sustainability of the natural environment, primary industries and local communities in the region.

Across the region weed control is carried out for a number of reasons. Weeds of varying varieties have the ability to crowd out or restrict light to more desirable plants, compete for nutrients, encourage pests and diseases that can degrade crop and stock quality. Some weeds can severely damage paths and walkways requiring expensive repairs.

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious or injurious weeds, from competing with desired flora and fauna, this includes domesticated plants and livestock, and in natural settings, it includes stopping non local species competing with native, local, species, particularly in reserves and heritage areas.

Council will conduct weed spraying from June to December 2019 in Cootamundra, Gundagai and surrounding villages. 

The program will encompass streets, laneways, roadsides, culverts and various other public spaces across the region.

Mayor, Abb McAlister, said weed spraying is vitally important ensure biosecurity across the region is maintained.