Wharf St Basin transformation underway

Article image - Wharf St Basin transformation underway Good design and creative engineering will transform the Warf St Basin into an important urban habitat.

The City of Canning, Western Australia, has awarded Josh Byrne and Associates with the landscape architecture contract to redevelop Wharf Street Basin in Cannington into a Smart Community Park. 

The City received $1 million from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program to deliver the Wharf Street Next Generation Community Park. 

Through smart design and technology, the Park will continue to operate as a drainage basin, become an educational space to facilitate the collection of information on water quality and be accessible to the public as a recreational space for the first time. 

Solar lighting, real time monitoring of water quality and levels, interactive education stations on the wetlands, stormwater management, installation of smart benches where phones and tablets can be charged, and a nature play trail are just some of the possibilities being discussed to incorporate into the Next Generation Community Park.

In line with the City’s Biodiversity Strategy, Josh Byrne and Associates (JBA) will also aim to improve biodiversity and amenity through wetland vegetation using local native species. 

Mayor, Paul Ng, said the design of the Next Generation Community Park embraces liveability, sustainability and productivity, while delivering value to the wider community. 

JBA Director Dr Josh Byrne expects the project to attract significant interest due to increasing awareness about the potential for stormwater assets like the Wharf Street Basin to become community green spaces for the future. 

“As our cities and suburbs continue to grow, it is important that we put spaces like this to work. 

“This site has great potential to provide important urban habitat and public amenity. Through good design and creative engineering we will bring this site to life.” 

The City is partnering with Smart Cities and Suburbs, Water Corporation, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Curtin University – School of Design and Built Environment, Urbaqua and Innovation Central Perth to deliver this project.

Landscape architectural work has started and is expected to be complete by May 2020.