Portable potable water stations for free

Article image - Portable potable water stations for free Playerís from Mackay Wanderers Football Club, enjoyed trying out councilís new portable water station.

Organisers of big community events to small-scale school fetes will be able to keep their patrons well and truly hydrated.

In honour of National Water Week and providing clean and safe drinking water, Mackay City Council, Queensland, has free portable water stations and chiller boxes for community groups to borrow for events.

Councillor Martin Bella said these stations would help keep the Mackay community hydrated.

“We live in a hot part of the world and Council’s portable water stations will provide eventgoers with an endless supply of cold tap water to keep them hydrated in the heat.

“Our tap water is also worth drinking after being named the best tasting water in Australia.”

Cr Bella said the stations would also help to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles in our environment.

“Unfortunately, plastic water bottles continue to be found in our region.

“For every litre of water consumed at our portable water station we will save two single-use plastic water bottles entering our environment.”

Mackay Wanderers Football Club president Tania Wood said her club could not wait to use the water stations at their annual football carnival.

“We have lots of players and spectators that require water at our event, so these stations will come in handy”.

The portable water stations are easy to set up, simply connecting to a potable water tap.