Community safety a priority

    Claremont’s Community Safety Officers play an important role in the community.

    Town of Claremont’s Community Safety Officers play a valuable role in the community and help to provide a safe environment for all residents and visitors according to Mayor Jock Barker.

    The mayor said the Town’s Community Safety team operated seven days a week, aiding the reduction of crime through a wide range of initiatives including community and hotspot patrols.

    Mayor Barker said community safety was important and local government had a strong role to play in it.

    “Community safety is something we take very seriously at the Town of Claremont. Having a dedicated community safety team is a key part of our overall efforts, and our CCTV network helps to keep eyes on the streets,” he said.

    “As a local government we have a responsibility to provide public spaces with which people can engage safely and where people can feel comfortable to go about their day. Investing resources into this area is vital if we want to maintain the vibrant community that we have in Claremont.”

    A network of CCTV cameras helps to keep public order and deter any illegal activity.

    As part of actions identified within their Community Safety Plan, the Town of Claremont recently upgraded and installed over 90 CCTV cameras in key areas around the town, including a focus on the Claremont Town Centre where a large number of businesses operate.

    Footage is not available to the public; however, the town works closely with WA Police, who may request footage to assist with investigations.