Kingborough gears up for competition

The recent appointment of Rick McClean as General Manager of Tasmania’s Kingborough Council provided one of the catalysts for an organisation review.

“A review was also required to ensure Council’s structure is capable of achieving the goals set in Council’s Strategic and Operational Plans,” Rick McClean said. “Moreover, given the imminent introduction of competition policy principles, Council must be geared to working successfully within a more competitive environment, bringing it into line with Local Government reform across Australia.”

“The aim is to meet realistic community expectations for quality services of justifiable cost by a highly motivated, well trained and competitive workforce.”

The process of bringing about the change has so far involved the Council’s management team and 15 work groups comprising representatives from Council’s various work areas.

“Even without the big stick of ‘compulsory’ competitive tendering (not proposed in Tasmania as yet), Kingborough must be in a position to fully cost all activities and have a pricing policy consistent with meeting its community service obligations,” he said.

“Redefinition of our structure will involve separating those Council staff who specify service requirements from those who will deliver the services. We propose to move to market test all services while providing ongoing training for staff to develop a more competitive approach to quality service delivery.”

Following Council’s endorsement of the review outcomes, Rick McClean now anticipates a new structure being in place by June this year, along with a complementary program to address the requirements of competition policy and principles.

For further information contact Rick McClean, telephone (002) 29 5555.