Putting quality first

“Quality Assurance means having processes and systems in place to meet internationally recognised standards and ensure we are competitive,” said Anthony Camillo from Council’s Organisational Development Unit.

“All Service Provider and Management Units are currently pursuing quality assurance with a number of business units committed to achieving third party quality accreditation to the ISO 9001 or 9002 standard.” He said that a key element in this process is to ensure that all staff fully understand the business they are in and are continuously seeking improvement by looking for better ways to do things.

“Having quality systems in place is a major component of Quality Assurance but just as important is the culture change across the organisation of continuous improvement and customer service,” Anthony continued.

“Processes that document everything we do can also be used as a benchmark for testing our performance against others in Local Government and the private sector.

“Coupled with ongoing training and development, this is creating a broader skills base for all staff leading to improved services and greater job satisfaction.”