Regreening the City

The rapid growth in population and development in South East Queensland has brought many benefits to the region but a major drawback has been the loss of natural bushland and animal habitat.

Logan City Council is conducting one of two pilot projects funded by the Australian Nature Conservation Agency and the Federal Department of Environment, Sport and Territories. Under the auspices of Greening Australia, this project will provide a model for balancing development with protection of the natural environment. It aims to give Local Government a structured and systematic approach to manage local vegetation.

According to the Chairman of Logan City Council’s Town Planning and Environment Committee, Cr Russell Lutton, Logan City has often faced an uphill battle to retain much of its vegetated land.

“The formation of a Greening Plan will provide us with opportunities to preserve our existing natural resources and right some of the wrongs of the past,” he said.

One of the fundamental stages in the project was developing a vegetation inventory and conservation assessment of the city’s vegetation. An ‘ecological significance’ map was developed which identified the following areas.

  • Regionally significant natural areas
  • Core ecological areas
  • Makor remnants of corridors
  • Isolated small remnants and urban bushland mosaics

Having mapped these features, Council will develop a vegetation management plan, policies and guidelines for future management of the natural environment balanced with the competing demands of a growing community.

As much of the remaining natural vegetation in the City is on private land, Council needs the cooperation of the whole community. A vegetation inventory has been displayed in local libraries, shopping centres and at Council’s Administration Centre. A preliminary report, namely the draft vegetation inventory, has been released for public comment. These comments will be evaluated and, where necessary, amendments made.A Greening Plan mailing list has been set up to keep interested individuals and groups up to date with the project’s developments. There will be more opportunities in the future for involving the general community through planned consultation.

Greening Plan Coordinator Lori Dean is coordinating the production of the whole project. A steering committee comprising representatives from various community organisations, councillors and council officers is providing project direction and guidance.

Logan City Council expects the project to help provide a more attractive, interesting and livable city.

For further information contact Lori Dean, Greening Plan Coordinator,
telephone (07) 3826 5126.