Double the value

Integrated tackling of pressing issues is proving successful for the City of Noarlunga in South Australia. Unemployment and the environment are being dealt with simultaneously by the Council, providing employment and training for 30 previously unemployed residents.

The new employees are involved in establishing a database for significant trees in the City including trees with historical, aesthetic or cultural importance and rare species.

Fifteen workers are surveying roadside vegetation for significant indigenous remnants, identifying plant life and detailing work needed to ensure the maintenance, retention and protection of worthwhile segments. Planting trees as part of the Greening of the South scheme is also in progress.

“Each project plays a crucial role in our ongoing environmental strategy,” said Bob Spencer, Director of Engineering. “The beauty of the projects is that they also provide real world employment and training opportunities for people in our area.”

The result is an improved environment plus gainful employment and skills development for 30 residents.

For further information contact Bob Spencer,
telephone (08) 384 0668.