Recycling Champions

As the first Council in Australia to introduce separate kerb side recycling wheelie bins, Pine Rivers Shire has not stopped here.

Covering some 700 square kilometres and serving a population of 105,000 people, it is a considerable feat for the Shire to have gathered so many residents behind its drive for better recycling initiatives.

A recent survey saw residents allowing Council officers to scrutinise their garbage bins in a bid to see where further recycling could occur. That survey showed some 40% of general rubbish was made up of recyclable materials. As a result more than 25 areas of the Shire now have a ‘drop stop’ site with brightly coloured bins. With the help of a publicity campaign captained by cartoon character, Reggie Recycler, these encourage residents to increase their recycling levels. Local community groups assist through monitoring the use of the bins.

Demand has steadily grown for the service and the bins are now emptied twice weekly. Another worthwhile innovation is a free trash and treasure section at the Council’s landfills and transfer stations for people to trade unwanted goods.

“Council has earned a well deserved reputation as recycling champions in Queensland,” said Pine Rivers Mayor Yvonne Chapman.

For further information contact John Shears,
Media Officer, Pine Rivers telephone (07) 205 0624.