Finding local leaders

In recognising that the local community often possesses a wealth of untapped talent, Nillumbik Shire Council in Victoria has launched a program designed to identify and bring together current and future leaders from across the local community.

Titled ‘Creating Community Leadership for the Twenty First Century’, the program which commenced in October, will be conducted over eight weeks. It includes six night sessions and a final one day session.

“If the Nillumbik community is to achieve its ambitions and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future, the community needs excellent leaders,” said Don Cordell, Chairman of Commissioners.

“We need to build the leadership potential among the diversity of organisations and businesses that provide our community with infrastructure, support networks and business opportunities.”

Skills the program will develop include, putting in place and pursuing a vision for the future, recognising the value of diversity in the community, being aware of challenges confronting community and business organisations going into the 21st century, and developing strong leadership networks.

Invitations to participate were issued to community organisations and the community in general. Final selection was based on gathering together people with a range of interests and values.

The program is based on a range of practical exercises and workshops on various aspects of leadership within the context of global changes. It will conclude with a simulation of scenarios for local governance in 2010. It is being conducted by Ecolore Pty Ltd.

For further information contact Andrew McEwen at Ecolore, telephone (03) 9388 0312.