Melbourne – A City for the arts

With the recent launch of the City for the Arts action plan by Lord Mayor Ivan Deveson, Melbourne City Council has reaffirmed and expanded its commitment to the thriving cultural and artistic community for which Melbourne is famous. Under the Plan, Council has earmarked $21 million, over the next three years, to encourage and develop the City’s many cultural strengths.

“It is our objective, that in partnership with the arts community, Melbourne will become the most significant ‘City for the Arts’ in the Asia Pacific region,” the Lord Mayor said.

Prominent Melburnian and City Councillor, Carrillo Gantner, who has interests in the arts community and business world, has responsibility for Council’s cultural portfolio. The cultural life of any city is fundamental to its identity, health and vitality,” Cr Gantner said.

“In exactly the same way that an industry depends on research and development, on innovation for financial success, so a city depends on creativity and change, on innovation for its economic success.

“We need to invest in the originality, the vision, the creative problem solving, the different perspectives and the passions of artists to build vibrant and successful cities.”