Adelaide to become 10 Gigabit city

The City of Adelaide is moving ahead with plans to create a ‘Ten Gigabit Network’, which aims to position the South Australian capital as a digital world leader and attract increased investment.

The City has put an open call out to international and interstate investors and technology enterprises to help build and operate the infrastructure.

The proposed Ten Gigabit Network will interconnect with a new global fibre network, linking cloud-based data centres where speed, flexibility and big data transfer aren’t inhibited by the current internet congestion.

The increased broadband connectivity would complement the nbn roll out and the State Government’s ‘Gig City’ project.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the project would help transform the city and attract new businesses. 

“I’ve said from day one that this is essential infrastructure for investment attraction and growth that will transform the competitiveness of the city,” said Martin.

“This can be the solution for attracting head offices to Adelaide and helping to create jobs, innovation and investment from across the globe.

“Ultra-fast data is transformative infrastructure which has the ability to deliver tangible benefits to almost every commercial premises within the City of Adelaide.

“The City of Adelaide is dedicated to having the fastest, most reliable, secure and flexible data transfer in the nation…if not the world.

“We can see from the overseas experience in cities like Boston, Chattanooga, Dayton (Oregon) and Salisbury (North Carolina), that this infrastructure will attract new businesses, in new growth industries, and support the growth of existing businesses in a city seeking transformational growth in 21st century jobs and increases in export income.

“Ten Gigabit City can put Adelaide firmly on the map as a destination of choice for digital-rich big data businesses within the health, education, creative, finance and defence sectors, to name just a few.”