Re-sheeting and sustainability on unsealed roads*

The sustainability of unsealed roads is not just about the environment, it’s also about the ability to maintain service levels and cost efficiency.

Re-sheeting using new materials is costly, time consuming, and sometimes the only way.

The long-standing method of maintaining unsealed roads has limitations as distances to gravel pits increase and suitable material locations diminish.

Damage inflicted on existing roads by heavy trucks carting in the new materials can damage many kilometres of road leading from pit to re-sheet location.

In some situations, the best materials for the job are not cost effective to use because of distance or price.

Innovative shires and councils around Australia have been taking advantage of PolyCom Stabilising Aid to ease these issues and save resources and costs by:

  • improving poor material performance through treating with PolyCom Stabilising Aid
  • re-using existing road materials recovered from table drains and road verges
  • reducing the depth of re-sheet material by up to half and then treating the road to 100mm depth before blending, which results in a strong, long lasting high-performing treated road.

Benefits of PolyCom Stabilising Aid:

  • roads last four to six times longer on average without requiring maintenance grading
  • material loss due to ravelling is reduced by four to ten times on average
  • a tighter bound running surface and safety improvements
  • greater water resistance and less damage from flood and severe weather events.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is available Australia-wide and is backed up by local distributors in your area who have knowledge of your material type.

We are constantly improving and researching methodology and application procedures by working collaboratively with our customers due to the many variables involved in road maintenance.
No two jobs are alike and may require tweaking to generate the best result.

This is why we insist on working with you on-site to offer full on-going support.

Call, email or send smoke signals and we will come to you to inspect your roads, make suggestions on how we can help reduce your costs and to increase your road performance.

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*Copy supplied by Earthco