New plan for Joondalup

Nat Sharman - Infrastructure Management Services (pictured with Director Governance and Strategy, Jamie Parry). After winning the Customer Service Excellence Award– Individual Category, $500.00 prize at the recent City of Joondalup council awards.

The City of Joondalup Council has endorsed the new 10-Year Strategic Community Plan, Joondalup 2032, and the updated Five-Year Corporate Business Plan at its June meeting.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said that in total more than 1,500 community members shared their views with the City.

“This makes Joondalup 2032 a true community document,” Mayor Jacob said.

“It is a 10-Year Strategic Community Plan that articulates a shared vision for the future of the City of Joondalup.

“The Plan is our highest-level planning document, sitting within a detailed Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework which includes comprehensive Informing, Resourcing, Planning and Reporting components.”

The Five-Year Corporate Business Plan is for the period from 2022/23 to 2026/27.

“In developing this medium-term Plan, we have reviewed our existing Plan and realigned this to the new 10-Year Strategic Community Plan,” Mayor Jacob said.

“Whilst the 10-Year Strategic Community Plan articulates the overall vision and aspirations of the community over the next 10 years, the 5-Year Corporate Business Plan provides the operational detail, including the priorities, services, projects and activities that we will deliver to meet the longer-term vision of Joondalup 2032.

“The Five-Year Corporate Business Plan provides clear quarterly milestones for the next financial year, as well as listing the annual performance measures to be reported through the Annual Report.

“The 10-Year Strategic Community Plan and the 5-Year Corporate Business Plan provide the high-level strategic direction to guide decision making over the next decade, and we are confident that they reflect the views of the community, meet all statutory requirements, and showcase best practice corporate reporting.”

Joondalup 2032 represents the culmination of extensive community consultation and research which commenced in early-2020, including:

• meetings of the City’s Strategic Community Reference Group;

• a community survey with 841 respondents;

• 10 community workshops;

• polling at 4 City events;

• Elected Members workshops/sessions; and

• written submissions on the draft plan.

Both Joondalup 2032 and the Five-Year Corporate Business Plan can be viewed at the City’s website,