Rockingham are big winners

Celebrating the big win.

The City of Rockingham’s efforts to foster an inclusive and diverse workforce have been recognised by leading WA-based disability employment service provider BIZLINK, which has awarded the City Employer of the Year 2023.

The award acknowledged the City for “outstanding support of equal employment opportunity creating an inclusive and diverse workforce”.

The city has been working closely with BIZLINK for more than a decade to provide chances for people of all abilities and backgrounds to work in local government.

Currently there are eight BIZLINK clients working at the city in a range of areas including Human Resource Development, Community Safety and Support Services, Libraries, Technical Services and at the Aqua Jetty.

The city’s efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace are guided by its Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan.

City of Rockingham CEO Michael Parker thanked BIZLINK for the award and said the city was proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

“The City of Rockingham prides itself on having a positive, safety-first culture that values the contribution employees from all walks of life can make,” Mr Parker said.

“Having a diverse and inclusive workforce gives our organisation a range of different perspectives that are vital to delivering the services, events, programs and projects the city provides for the community. We strongly value our longstanding partnership with BIZLINK and hope to continue providing these types of opportunities for many years to come.”

Employee Kieren Milton, who works at the city through the BIZLINK partnership, said he enjoyed working with great staff who supported his workplace endeavours.

“The city’s partnership has helped me with my career by allowing me to succeed in ways I didn’t think were possible,” Mr Milton said.

Fellow employee John Walker echoed Kieren’s sentiments, praising the positive workplace culture.

“I am extremely grateful to both BIZLINK and the city. They have provided me with an opportunity in which I will be forever grateful,” Mr Walker said.

BIZLINK Rockingham Manager, Tina Zemzars, said the Employer of the Year award was given to the city in appreciation of the invaluable assistance provided in creating life-changing employment opportunities for individuals with disability.

“BIZLINK has had the privilege of collaborating with the City of Rockingham to tailor these employment prospects, and we are proud to be their chosen DES provider,” she said.

“The City of Rockingham has initiated a commendable three-year program, embracing numerous trainees each year. This program extends its benefits beyond individuals with disabilities, and BIZLINK has had the privilege of successfully placing some of our clients into these traineeships.

“We extend our sincerest gratitude to the City of Rockingham for their unwavering support and the incredible opportunities they have opened up for people with disabilities within the community. Their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment is truly commendable, and we look forward to a continued partnership that enriches the lives of many within our community.”