Lending a hand

Greenkeepers visit to Cobram Juvenile Justice Centre.

By Daryl Davidson

International Greenkeepers For Hire have been busy again looking for new ways to promote our industry.

Thanks to attending the Brett Carter events Job expos across NSW this year we’re lucky enough to meet the passionate staff from Cobram Juvenile Justice Centre who invited us to meet the young men they get to work with each day, so we could talk to them about the possibility of a career in Sports Turf Management.

To help our cause we were helping the kids to improve their sports field for an annual competition they play each year against the staff. We were hoping the kids could see the improvement from their hard work while opening their eyes to a career in sports turf management.

During the visit we talked to kids about how we are a small industry but we are large industry that services majority of the population in one way or another either by watching or playing sport.

We also cut their football field with a cylinder mower burning in some nice stripes instantly turning their field from a paddock to a sports field, followed by getting the kids to apply a granular wetting agent which will help keep their field nice and green especially in a location that’s very hot and dry.

On our next visit we cannot wait to cut and mark out their field with the kids for their big game day.

If you are interested at all in helping open up a door or two for some kids that really need a second or third chance please do not hesitate to contact Daryl Davidson on 0406 942 363 or by email internationalgreenkeepersfh@gmail.com