Blue gum planted in honour of coronation

City of Hobart parks staff member Chris Barton with Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds.

The City of Hobart has marked Hobart-born Queen Mary’s coronation in Denmark with a landmark gift.

In honour of Queen Mary and her husband’s King Frederik, the City has planted a blue gum, Tasmania’s floral emblem, in a significant location (St David’s Park, Hobart at the top of St David’s Park, near the corner of Davey Street and Salamanca Place) for future generations to benefit from for years to come.

Additionally, the City of Hobart was working through protocols with the office of the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and the Danish Royal House on a reciprocal blue gum that will be sent to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen to be planted in honour of the enduring bond between the two cities.

In a historic announcement on New Year’s Eve, Queen Margrethe of Denmark revealed her decision to abdicate the throne after a remarkable 52-year reign, passing the Crown to her son, Prince Frederik.

The coronation on 14 January means that Hobart-born Mary Donaldson, Prince Frederik’s wife, has ascended to the esteemed title of Queen Consort.

In celebration of this momentous occasion and in recognition of the deep ties between Hobart and its royal resident, the City of Hobart announced the special gift for the newly coronated King and Queen of Denmark.