Understanding all gender toilets


Going to the toilet is a right, not a privilege.

For many years people with disabilities have struggled to gain access to suitable public toilet facilities and now the same issue is being highlighted in relation to the provision of toilets for other marginalised groups in the community.

Access Institute’s courses relating to access and universal design in the built environment, explore the issues related to the provision of all gender toilets.

These issues include – who do all gender toilets target; common myths about all gender toilets; why it is not appropriate in many cases to just change the sign on an accessible toilet to identify it as an all gender toilet; why the name of the toilet is important and how to maximise the money spent to develop all gender toilets so that as many people as possible are comfortable to use these.

The National Construction Code (NCC) changed in 2019 to incorporate requirements for accessible adult change facilities in some buildings and the next step may well be the provision of all gender toilets. Access Institute courses explore the issues, supply the facts, and assist organisations to understand the issues. For further details please contact them at info@accessinstitute.com.au