Ramping up crime prevention

City of South Perth Mayor, Greg Milner and Community Development Officer, Meredith Skinner, with one of the ‘Eyes on the Street’ footpath decals.

The City of South Perth is ramping up its crime prevention efforts with the recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art mobile CCTV trailer, aimed at enhancing community safety and deterring criminal activity within the local area.

Deployed in strategic partnership with local Kensington Police, the mobile CCTV trailer serves as a proactive measure to address crime ‘hotspots’ identified through collaborative efforts between the city and WA police.

To date the trailer has been deployed to Millers Pool carpark in South Perth, Sandon Park in Salter Point, the South Perth Foreshore near the Scented Gardens and Kwel Park playground in Karawara.

The new initiative is bolstered by the installation of ‘Eyes on the Street’ footpath decals at various locations throughout the city. These eye-catching stickers are strategically placed to encourage community members to report suspicious activities to Crime Stoppers WA, using a convenient QR code that directs individuals to the Crime Stoppers WA reporting website.

The rollout of the new CCTV mobile trailer and footpath decals complements the fixed CCTV cameras already in operation throughout the City.

With a focus on addressing crime concerns, the City’s proactive approach to increasing CCTV coverage is poised to make a significant impact on reducing anti-social behaviour and criminal activity across all City of South Perth suburbs.

“The City’s investment in the mobile CCTV trailer underscores our commitment to promoting a safe and secure community for all residents,” City of South Perth Mayor, Greg Milner said.

“By strategically deploying surveillance resources in collaboration with local police, we aim to deter criminal behaviour and foster a greater sense of security within our City.”