Community rallies around Kindness Project

Greater Dandenong business community rallies around Kindness Project.

Hollywood may be a world away from Bangholme, Victoria, but one of its movies has inspired a Greater Dandenong attraction to give back to the community in a creative way.

Ian Clark, owner of Melbourne Cable Park, has set up a ‘Pay it Forward’ system to support registered charity, Kindness Community.

A COVID-19 kick start, Clark said it was during lockdown when the Park began selling take-away meals that they identified a need to reallocate leftover food.

“We approached the City of Greater Dandenong Council and they gave us the name of some suitable organisations. That’s how we connected with Danielle Ashley from the Kindness Community.

“The first week we had 30 meals to donate, and Danielle asked if they could heat them up in our kitchen. At the time, Kindness Community was serving meals in the park under shelter, so I helped to organise a Council building nearby to relaunch the meal centre indoors.”

Melbourne Cable Park now has incorporated the initiative into its online sales so when customers purchase tickets to the aqua fun park, they can also purchase a $5 hot meal for a disadvantaged person or contribute financially to the Kindness Community.

Danielle Ashley grew up in Dandenong and is the founder of Kindness Community, which began in March 2020 to assist with the issue of food security.

“Through Ian’s and our local contacts, we receive support from many amazing local businesses.”

Kindness Community now serves dinner to over 100 people a week, which includes a 6pm service each Tuesday night at Memorial Hall in Dandenong, and delivery of meals to Dandenong homeless shelters.