Dog bags demand rising

Biogone dog bags.

With over five million pet dogs in Australia and 1.5 tonnes of dog waste over its lifetime, where do all these dog waste bags go?

With the removal of single-use shopping bags, there has been a sharp rise in demand for dog waste bags in Australia.

Truthfully, many dog owners are still using conventional plastic dog bags and disposing of it in the rubbish bin, ending up in landfill. From there, it often takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to fully break down.

Australia’s leading manufacturer and eco-conscious warriors, Biogone, have created the world’s first landfill-biodegradable dog waste bags that are considered to break down 90 per cent faster than the conventional plastic bag.

Compared to regular pet waste bags that can take up to hundreds of years to fully decompose, Biogone’s lower cost landfill-biodegradable dog poop bags have been designed to fully biodegrade in only a few years, and home compostable dog poop bags within a few of months in landfill.

The Biogone dog waste bags are also made from recycled plastic.

To help meet sustainable goals Biogone have council parks and gardens dog waste bags available, along with mountable dog bag dispensers.

Landfill biodegradable council dog waste bags come in rolls of 250 wide mouth and 500 standard bags.

Home compostable bags are made with a thicker material than the landfill-biodegradable bags and come in rolls of 250 wide mouth or 400 standard bags.

Equally important for environmental considerations, landfill-biodegradable bags do not have a limited shelf life, and they do not fragment into microplastics over time.

Biogone also have landfill biodegradable and home compostable bin liners available for your operations and offices.

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