Looking to engage the community

Planning for community engagement.

For those planning a community engagement project and not sure which engagement method is best for their situation – IAP2 Australasia believe they can help.

The group has launched an online tool to help community and stakeholder engagers find and deliver a variety of engagement methods.

The Engagement Method Tool includes more than 60 engagement methods and allows people to search for methods according to their

• engagement context,

• purpose,

• budget,

• resourcing,

• time available and

• even the number of participants.

The tool guides through the method principles, preparation and delivery for both virtual and in-person environments as well as any tips or traps they need to be aware of.

Based on IAP2A’s handy Engagement Methods matrix, the online tool ultimately helps the client to bring people together; share information; collect and compile feedback and ultimately, make better decisions.

As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector, IAP2 Australasia, believes that engagement, when done well, improves social, environmental and economic outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process.

Better engagement means better outcomes for Councils, their projects and their communities.

Learn more about the Engagement Methods Tool and view a demo at emt.iap2.org.au.

Plus, for engagement practitioners working in Local Government, IAP2 Australasia also has a wealth of articles, tools and resources on IAP2A’s website hub iap2.org.au/local-government-hub/

There are over 100 resources on the hub including examples of Community Engagement Policies and Frameworks; case studies; conference presentations; webinars; tools, templates and news articles from engagement professionals.