NSW Digital Connectivity Index uncovers the state of internet connectivity across NSW

People and communities are set to benefit from the launch of the NSW Digital Connectivity Index, providing government agencies, councils and businesses with access to a state-wide view of internet connectivity at a suburb level.

Supporting the NSW Connectivity Strategy, the Connectivity Index is an interactive map-based tool, developed by NSW Telco Authority with support from NSW Spatial Services.

It measures the quality of internet coverage in NSW using three metrics: access, affordability and demographics.

The new tool evaluates the presence and performance of connectivity by assessing the cost of connectivity relative to income, considering social factors influencing the ability of residents to use digital tools and by measuring mobile and internet coverage, speed, choice as well as latency.

Unlike existing information indices that only identify connectivity at broader levels, the Connectivity Index provides granular information within a single tool, enabling users to target their efforts and make data-informed decisions.

The Connectivity Index can help state, federal and local governments to create a fact-based understanding of gaps in connectivity critical to delivering public services, such as education and healthcare, inform digital inclusion initiatives and guide digital infrastructure investments.

It enables small, medium and large businesses across NSW to make more informed investment and business decisions, by helping them assess whether local area connectivity meets their needs.

For example, a council will be able to see which suburbs are likely to have lower affordability and demographic scores to target their investments and efforts, such as providing digital devices and digital skills training.

For community members, the Connectivity Index provides information to help them to better understand how their connectivity ranks in comparison to other areas and allows them to access vital information about connectivity.

For example, if a family is considering relocation, they can check if the new area’s connectivity can support their digital activities, such as online education, e-banking and streaming.

Further resources, including information on how to access and use the Connectivity Index are available

at: www.nsw.gov.au/telco-authority/nsw-digital-connectivity-index