New company with experienced staff

Dean Crutchfield of Linemarking Supplies Australia (LSA).

Linemarking Supplies Australia (LSA) is a newly established company dedicated to supporting line markers across Australia.

They offer a fully comprehensive range of services and products to meet the needs of the industry.

Their products include machinery and equipment sales, spare parts and servicing, including a fully equipped service van, as well as tailored training programs designed to equip both new and experienced line markers with the skills necessary to complete jobs safely and efficiently.

At LSA, they understand the importance of having reliable and effective tools and training. Their mission is to ensure that every line marker has access to the best resources available, enhancing their ability to perform high-quality work while maintaining safety standards.

With more than 40 years of experience in the line marking industry, their main focus is to share their knowledge and experience to an industry that has given them so much over a great period of time. Their extensive background spans contracting, sales, technical servicing, training, and manufacturing. This experience has enabled them to develop strong relationships within the industry, granting them access to a broad range of resources across Australia and around the world. They see this as a prime opportunity to support the line marking industry by leveraging knowledge from multiple sources and collaborating with quality suppliers, each bringing their own unique areas of expertise.

By facilitating this, LSA aims to enhance the capabilities of line markers across Australia, fostering a safer and more efficient industry.

For more information, give Dean a call on 0406 119 117 or send them an email to